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  • Hi Paul :)

    Hey Paul. I saw you at West LA Music a few days ago. I was probably the youngest guy there and smiled a lot [:D] (in the 2nd row middle area) . I just wanted to say that the presentation was awesome to watch and that what you and the rest of VSL have done is amazing. Thank you for doing the presentation and having a good attitude. I hope you can get some time off from all the presentations you have been doing!

    I have a question actually if you don't mind. I wanted to know if the ram optimizer will at some point be updated in the future? One thing I hope that would change is being able to do a fast "bounce" instead of in the video, the part had to be played back in realtime before being "optimized". Do you think this is possible to implement? Basically like "freeze" does (Non realtime making it fast).

    Anways, keep up the great work!

  • Btw, I'm suprised no one recorded the presentation! What are all these people that didn't see it going to do [:P]? Perhaps in New York (Paul mentioned he was going there after he was in Hollywood, then to Vienna) there will be a video recording. Who cares if it isn't as "professional". Maybe a person will bring in their own video and put it up online.

  • Hi Austin,

    thanks! All the people were smiling in L.A., luckily, but I think I remember you!

    You can do a bounce anytime, and of course faster than realtime.

    And yes, there will be updates for different features as the Vienna Instruments grow, and that will be fast [;)].

    IĀ“ve just stopped by in NY for a quick visit, on my way to Vienna today.

    Best, Paul

    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Quick response Paul [[:|]]. Just to clarify, when you mention bounce your referring to the ram optimizer. So you can ram optimize faster than real time? In the video, it had to be played all the way through before being "optimized" which is why I asked.

  • Oh, no, thatĀ“s different, thatĀ“s bouncing as with any VI.
    With RAM optimize, you stay on the MIDI level, but you could as well bounce and have it as audio, as the MIDI track will still be there.
    There are quite a few possibilities on optimizing the RAM management, some of them already mentioned in this forum...

    Sorry for the confusion.

    Best, Paul

    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Now we are on the same page. Hehe. Perhaps I wasn't quite clear either. Okay, so then on the midi level with the ram optimizer (referring to the VSL Ram Optimizer) does it have to be played back in real time in order to use it? If so, will there be an update to be faster than real time?

    The reason why is because having it at the midi level is the best so you can still mix with dynamic velocities...that's the ideal but if it has to be in real time to optimize it, it will take much longer to do than the traditional "Freeze" or "bounce" which loses the midi level editing/velocity switching stuff.

    Thanks for listening and responding Paul.

  • Seeing the video again......It's the "learn" function which takes the time to play back the parts in order to optimize it. So that's what I'm wondering about if it could be speeded up faster than real time. That would save time.

    Another idea for ram saving is how about pre selecting the key or keys that your going to use and when you load the instrument, it would only load those notes? That would be incredibly awesome and would allow more instruments with the 2gb barrier. Now, it loads the whole range of the instrument. Wouldn't it be cool to define what notes play whether it being a scale or just the keys?

    Anyone think this would be a good idea?

  • [:'(] Ah shucks. I thought that some people would find my idea interesting or at least worthy enough to respond back about. Oh well. Perhaps, VSL will make something better.

  • Sorry Austin, but you didn't give us much time to respond; are you keen or what? [:D]

    Regarding the idea, I have no idea what samples I'm going to need until I finish a piece, therefore I have no interest in the RAM saving possibilities of VI.


  • Haha [:D]. Sorry, I guess I was a bit anxious about my "idea". I think that generally when creating a piece, most people figure what scale (or notes if you have your "custom" scale) they are going to be playing. I figure why not have the option of enabling only the keys that are in the scale your going to compose . that would free up unecessary ram "b4" composing. As of now in the VI, you need to "learn" after you've inputted your part to be "optimized" but it's in real time so it will take longer to get the benefit of freeing up ram.

    Thanks DG for responding [:)]

  • Mmmmmmmmmm, I have no idea what notes I'm going to be using when I start to compose. However, if you're doing Hollywood movies then I guess that you'd be safe as everything tends to be in the same key (mode [:D] ) in order to make it easy for the Music Editor when the Director re-cuts after you've finished the score [:(]


  • Heh DG. I would hope the editor wouldn't do that but it seems like they could [:(]. The notes could always be defined at the end so you wouldn't have to play back the part to "learn" it. You could just tell it. That could work too for me.