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  • Multi Screen Solution

    Hi! Guys,

    I know this is not really related to VSL but I need some help.

    I have a computer with a video card that has 3 monitor outputs:

    1. VGA
    2. S-Video
    3. DVI

    Now, I am already using the VGA port for a 15" flat screen. I want to buy another 15" monitor to connect to the same computer (Not for dual screen - although that would be a plus) but for having the screen in front of my keyboards so that I can score videos to time.

    At the moment with my current set up I dont have the keyboards in front of the screen and there is no way to see the counter in pro tools while playing complicated lines. This is important as scoring has to be very accurate as u know.

    My questions is:

    If I connect a second flat screen using a DVI to VGA cable from the same video card - will it work as a multi screen


    Will it just show the same screen (Thats fine for now)


    It wont show anything because it can only give one output at a time?

    Can you please help. This is kind of if anyone of you could help me.

    Thanks a lot.


  • If you open your display properties in Windows (right lcick desktop > properties or from the control panel), in the last tab "settings" you can click monitor no. 2 if your video card is enabled for cloning/dual display. If you clicked that you have to check "Extend Windows-desktop to this monitor" below and it will display dual screen there. It's also possible for some Notebooks' or onboard graphics!

    Hope this helps,

  • I have a dual screen setup and have found that it is cheaper to hook them up with the VGA connection (using a DVI to VGA adaptor) instead of the DVI. My computer is in another room and the cost would have been crazy to extend the DVI 30 feet for both monitors. The picture quality, while not as good as the digital connections, is still fine and the LCD screens are great--no CRT whine and no heat!


  • Which brand is the Nvidia GeForce 5200? It should be new enough to support dual monitor setup...


  • I'm sorry, I don't have any idea about it... Only thing I know is that at least with the Radeon series from ATI cards the dual monitor option is called "Hydravision". And most basic cards (from 9xxx on) support that and they are in the same league as the FX 5xxx series IMHO.