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  • Vienna Instruments RAM management


    I noticed from the video tutorial on RAM management that the reset button re-loaded all the samples removed following a previous optomization to enable further changes to be made to the orchestral part.

    Would it be possible to have a further option "update optomization" that would only re-load the required samples for the changed sequence rather than all the samples of the instrument? Of course you wouldn't be able to hear the samples whilst you made the changes but in many cases this wouldn't be necessary.

    I can envisage many occasions, particularly with large orchestrations, where it it would not be possible to do a reset due to RAM limitations but a reload of just the samples required for the changed sequence could easily be accomplished within available RAM.

    In the video tutorial the solo viola was using 6MB following optomization and following a transposition 9MB were required, but to get to the 9MB the RAM had to leap back up to 423MB for the viola alone, if the instrument had been able to call up only the samples required for the revised sequence the temporary RAM increase could be avoided.

    In a typical post production scenario where a tempo change can suddenly be required this feature could save the day!


  • As a user of one (and only one) computer, I agree that this could be a useful feature. Of course I have no idea how hard it would be to implement.


  • How about when it optimizes it leaves just a hint of the notes on all of the articulations so you still have the essential notes covered sounding right but the rest have just a snip of the note so you can still work with it and have some sense of what notes are playing before reoptimizing. That way the ram doesn't take much more than the current way now and you have a bit more flexibility before reoptimizing...

  • It would be neat as it is to be able to have a offline optimize instead of having to have the whole part play in realtime. Then in the future, have the notes that you wanted "enabled" by preselecting by scale or just highlighting the notes. That would be neat.