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  • old products like Opus 1 + 2 still supported in future?


    since the VI will be released in next times and the good old products will disappear from the world, i have a question:

    will VSL still support these libs? Means support with registration, and so on,
    I don't want to be suprised, like few years ago when Apple bought Emagic and all support was stopped. [:@]


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    @MikeNovy said:

    will VSL still support these libs?e

    I hope so.

    Upgrading from Opus 1/2 to VI SC is far beyond my scopes and, above all, far beyond my budget.

    I guess we'll see an Opus 3 with VI interface or something like that, but not too soon...

  • Stopping the support wouldn't be typical for VSL, I guess!
    Opus3 would be nice [:D]

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    @Another User said:

    will VSL still support these libs?Mike

    Let's hope so - maybe if many of us show our desire for continued support here then they'll listen to us! There must be a lot of us with Horizon packages. [:D]
    Best regards,

  • I've ordered Horizon Glass&Stones + Percussion FX on January 5th (no news from Bestservice, so far...).

    I will be very disappointed if those packages are going to be discontinued.


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    Martin said that both Pro Edition and Horizon series products will stay availible in the future. I also think they're still attractive products even with the VIs around.


  • Well, but Glass and Stones will go over to ElementsVI - Percussion FX in Percussion VI - so what is the benefit for having these libs available? I think it is nice that you can still make sidegrades to other sampler platforms. Updates for Libs are not that common, so I think it really does not matter that much - once you have them.

    Am I missing something?


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    @steff3 said:

    Well, but Glass and Stones will go over to ElementsVI - Percussion FX in Percussion VI - so what is the benefit for having these libs available?


    We're going toward a (s)lower economic growth in Europe.

    IMHO it would be not wise for VSL to dismiss a low-end library.

    Not for now.

  • The same reason that applies for the other VIs - get the samples directly accessable, for custom and personal reprogramming in a sample library and not for playback in a VI. And sometimes price: As for now, you get more content with a Horizon series product than with a Standard VI per spent dollar. But the functionality is a completely different thing.


  • Well, sure - price and availability of samples - but I pointed out -what is the good if you already have that lib (#once you have them#). The sidelicenses - I think.

    Like I do not think that there will be much of additions or updates - well, the upgrade to the VI. And if you look at the Harp for example - I cannot compare it really, because I do not own the HOR Harp nor the Pro Ed. - but the price of the Harp VI standard seems not much more than that of the HOR. So I do not expect the ElementsVI to be that expensive as the SoloStings etc. - more like the Harp.