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  • Opus 2 Opinions?

    Sorry if this has been covered, but I couldn't get any response from the search function on this topic. In the opinion of Opus 1 users, is Opus 2 an indispensable add-on? Or would the same money be better spent on another Horizon library?

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    First of all, I have Opus 1 but don't have Opus 2 yet, because other things are higher on my priority list. In a nutshell, at the (still) reduced price I think it's surely worth it. I'd not say it's indispensable if you don't have much use for the provided instruments. The major things that would interest me are muted brass, looped sustains for woodwinds, string runs, marimba, vibraphone, waterphone (there is a bit more than this in it). Plus the bonus files with excerpts of solo strings, epic horns, french oboe and woodwinds ensemble. I'd not suggest to use them for serious work in substitute to the correspondant Horizon products, but you'll find them useful for a few things nevertheless. Buying another Horizon product does make sense if you have special needs for an instrument or a section.

    If you plan on getting the Pro Edition C.O.P. at one time, you get yourself a step further with Opus 2, because your investment wil be taken into account in the CIP price then. This is not the case with all Horizon libraries, because some don't have content you can find in the Pro Edition. nliberg hinted you also at a good thread for this topic where you can find more opinions.

    Hope this helps,

  • Hey Sean, I have both Opus 1, and 2. You will not be disappointed with Opus 2, both are excellent. I have purcased Opus 2 first, then, the Horizon series. I find, they are all excellent. Hope this helps.

  • Could you tell me your experiences with opus2?
    Which was your favorite instrument e.g.?
    What about the string runs? Are they so useful as described in the product info?
    How are the legato woodwinds or the sordino trumpet legatos?


  • Very easy, excellent. It all depends what kind of writing you do also. For me it was a good investment....I find use for all that is included in Opus 2..