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  • Pro Edition crossgrade

    I think I'll upgrade my opus giga bundle to EXS pro edition. Am I correct in my belief that the crossgrade (not the upgrade itself!) is free? Does it ship with redmatica, as it did in the past (I think).

    Many thanks,

  • I beleive the crossgrade costs like 15% of the product you want to crossgrade

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    that´s correct for the Pro Edition, always calculating the official price. It´s 10% for all Horizon Series products.

    More info here

    Best, Paul

    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • So the upgrade doesn't include the opportunity to crossgrade to a different format without additional costs? Doesn't that mean that Rob should crossgrade his Opus to EXS first and then upgrade to Pro Edition as the crossgrade for Opus is much cheaper than the crossgrade for Pro Edition?

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    to shed some light on the wording ....

    upgrades can be also crossgrades (eg. opus to pro - a crossgrade would be an upgrade changing the originally registered platform).
    this does not affect the upgrade price.

    sidegrade is an additional license to use an already registered product on a second platform (costs ~10% for the horizon series and ~15% for first or pro edition, because for the latter a set of additional DVDs has to be shipped)

    regarding your second question: the products for EXS do not come with redmatica's exs manager - please order it online on their website


    and remember: only a CRAY can run an endless loop in just three seconds.
  • Thank you everyone for your help. Much appreciated.
    So CM- am I correct in understanding that to crossgrade from the opus giga bundle to EXS pro edition, as per my original question, I need only pay the price of the upgrade itself? Sorry...still a bit confused! In other words, the 15% sidegrade only applies if I want to run pro on both formats (I don't). Am I getting it?

    Again, thanks.

  • Opus (EXS) -> Pro (EXS) = upgrade price
    Opus (EXS) -> Opus (Giga) = crossgrade price
    Opus (EXS) -> Pro (Giga) = upgrade price
    In the above examples you have 2 licenses.

    Opus (EXS) -> Opus (Giga) + Pro (Giga) = crossgrade + upgrade
    In the last example you have 3 licenses.

    Of course you can substitute EXS and Giga by any other possible sampler (note that Pro is only EXS and Giga und upgrade price is only valid if you go from Opus to the full Pro Edition Complete Orchestral Package).

    Hope that helps,

  • thank you very much PolarBear. I think it's clear now!