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  • VSL in the classroom

    Hello VSLers,

    Is there some provision for licensing VSL for use in a teaching situation?
    Obviously many students would need to have hands-on experience with the product, and this seems to contravene the licence agreement I have for the VSL products I use

    Any insights on this would be appreciated.

  • Maybe they something different for an educational package?

  • There will be Educational Site Licenses for the Vienna Instruments. Please contact our international distributors for details.
    Cheers, Martin

  • Thanks, Martin!

    I take it that there is no such license for the other editions, then.

  • As far as I remember people were advised to contact them for special license agreements (pre VIs). Maybe it's worth to also talk to your distributor about the possibilities on this or then eMail (not in public forum) some VSL staff.

  • There are different license schemes for our sample libraries and for the Vienna Instruments. However, contacting our distributors first is always the best way to get this going.
    Cheers, Martin

  • OK, thanks for the advice. I'll look into it.