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  • how many articulations in one matrix?


    How many articulations can be put into one matrix in the VI instrument?
    In the video I see only three (vertical).
    Of course I understand that I can switch between matrixes.

    The switching of articulations is, apart from the speed controller done by controllers on the keyboard like mod wheel, or via key switches.
    This is essential the same as we are able to do now (via the art files-combinations and keyswitches), but more flexible of course, because we can make our own combinations and we can make combinations with performance instruments in them. Am I right there?


    Gerard Beljon

  • Hi,

    1 Matrix can hold a maximum of 144 patches (12 horizontal cells and 12 vertical cells).

    Best, Paul

    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Hello Paul,

    I understand. So when I only would want to use the modulation wheel, I could put 12 different vertical articulations in the matrix, which could be from staccato to legato with everything in between. Am I right?



  • Exactly, and you will find a lot of preconfigured matrices that you can customize to your liking, and assign different controllers for vertical/horizontal.

    And don´t forget: a Preset can hold 12 of these matrices....

    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Oke Paul, I understand.
    And the only way to swich between matrixes is via key-switches?


  • O yes, I forgot:

    I asked this because if the switching between matrixes and (if I choose so) between cells in 1 matrix is done by key-switching, I will see those notes in my score.
    I don't want that of course. Any cure for this?


  • Right now only keyswitches are assignable to access the Matrices within a Preset. The cure for your score: There are options in scoring programs that will let you assign which range to display, AFAIK, so when you have the keyswitches at, e.g., C-1 to B-1, you can tell your scoring program not to display them.

    Does that help?

    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Yes, thank you Paul

    One last question:
    Are the switch-keys to switch between matrixes always the same keys? Or are they also freely assignable. I can see that I can assign them in the video, yet I see a number of keys (C1-e1) that seem to be pre-set.
    And the switching-keys between up and down runs seems to be pre-set too.
    Of course they should never interfere with the range of the instrument.



  • Keyswitches are of course freely assignable, the controller you saw with the run is an A/B controller that is implemented in all patches like runs (up/down) or dynamics (cre/dim).

    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
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    DG said in another thread, that it's also possible for some programs to put the keyswitches in another voice and hide/unhide that to have quick access to it or hide it as soon as needed. Maybe a better solution if you have to manage more tracks with keyswitches.