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  • Calculations not correct!!!

    I baught the following libraries at BEST SERVICE, Munich:

    VSL First edition 20 Dec 2002 2781.00 EUR
    VSL Upgrade to Pro 14 August 2003 1531.03 EUR
    Horizon Epic horns 06 July 2004 221.88 EUR
    Horizon French Oboe 06 July 2004 165.63 EUR
    TOTAL 4699.54 EUR

    The Concert Guitar I purchased as well is NOT included in the SC, so:

    9200 - 4699.54 = 4500.46 EUR to pay for SC in my case.
    The calculator wants to charge me a 5140 EUR!!! That's a difference of 639.54.
    Herb says that the calculator was right, not me. THIS IS EMBARASSING!
    Someone else encountering the same?

  • I don't think that you get the full cost of your existing libraries deducted from the new price.


  • I'm an owner of Solo Strings, Epic Horns, and Pro Edition. When I go to the discount calculator and I select everything (Standard) and then go to Extension and add everything on top EXCEPT the Chamber Expansion The price is messed up. Try it! By the way, I'm in USD so if someone can confirm..... [*-)]:

  • Hi Austin,

    In what way is the priced messed up?

    If I do as you say, the price is £2842 if you buy individually (note its £2600 if you buy the whole Cube at once).

    If I then add all the extensions, I get: £3643 (with a -£2736 reduction), which seems fine

    If I buy the full library it costs £3401 - thats including the Symphonic Cube discount



  • If I select the "all" to buy the full standard part the price is correct but if I add on top of that individual extensions except Chamber it comes to this price....

    Full=14,810$ [*-)]: VIP=-4935$ Your Price= 9875$

    This isn't correct........I want to get the discount for buying the standard (you save if you check the "all" instead of individually select each standard isntrument section) and then upgrade everything but Chamber in the extended.

  • it's a bug we have to fix


  • Austin - ah, I misunderstood - looks like Herb is on the case anyway...

  • Thanks Herb for addressing this [:)]. Good thing it is a bug [[:P]] otherwise [:O]ops: [:'(] [[:P]]

  • "VIP – the Vienna Innovation Program. The basic principle of the program is simple: When upgrading to a larger edition of our library, a customer should not have to pay for an existing sample more than once. This will allow our loyal customers to affordably grow with the Vienna Symphonic Library, as we expand to our unprecedented goal of more than 1.5 million samples. VIP customers can upgrade to larger collections crossgrade to future software platforms, benefit from free sample download, enjoy extensive service offers and feel safe in the knowledge that their investment in the future of orchestral music production will last forever."

    That is what should be - but we don't get the full prize we once paid... [8o|] "a customer should not have to pay for an existing sample more than once". I still will have to pay a 600 EUR more and at the end 5140 EUR for all new articulations... VIP is not working. Sorry to say that, but as a loyal user, I am disapointed in that politics... [:'(]

  • Matt - I don't know about your calculations in detail - but I can see from your
    list at the top that you're don't have Chamber strings, which is included in SC.
    Mayby that explains the price difference ?

  • Matt, in addition to Chamber Strings you're missing parts of the Horizon Solo Strings (viola and double bass), only violin and violoncello is included in Pro Edition COP. The same with the second harp, Horizon Vienna Harps has an additional harp not included in the Pro Edition COP.

    All the best,

  • What with the sale and all, I'm considering a number of the Horizon products, and today I went to check in the discount calculator how much savings they would bring if in future I upgraded to the extended - I noticed two discrepancies (at least that is how they appear to me! [[;)]] ), and I was curious if this is actually how it is meant to be or if it is something that will be fixed.
    Having the French Oboe package brings a $145 discount on the extended version of Woodwinds I, which sounds about right - but it brings zero discount for Woodwinds II despite containing the french english horn and E flat clarinet (this last one actually being the main motivator for me personally to consider getting the set)?
    And Epic Horns only brings $180 discount for the extended version of Brass II?

    Just curious, to see how I should arrange things!

  • Well for Epic Horns it's clear to me, because Epic Horns are all only included in VI Brass II. Brass I contains the FE/PE horn section with 4 players and no content from Epic Horns.

    I'm not sure about French Oboe though, I'd guess they thought of the small clarinet and second english horn as a bonus that you didn't pay for. Like it also isn't called "Solo Woodwinds II" or something like that but only after primary featured instrument. A wild guess here tho.


  • Yes, I do understand that they would not provide any discount for Brass I - that makes sense, but for Brass II Extended $180 is less than half of the value of the Horizon set, which seems just a bit much to me?

    You may be right about the Oboe set, I do recall that the English Horn and Clarinet are considered 'bonus' instruments... fairly hefty to simply be considered 'bonuses' if you ask me, what with complete performance legatos and all! [:P]