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  • Question for VSL Team

    Hi guys,

    how much mileage can we expect out of one G5 (lets say dual 2.7) with VI ?

    I am talking about loading in instruments in template fashion. I saw in your demo that your VA demo patch used up 450MB of Ram...

    or in other words, how many computers would be required to have VI Orchestra on stand by mode (leaving out special articulations, you can grab those on your main machine when needed) ?

    How about the license ? Can one spread out the VI over multiple machines ?

    Thanks so much,


  • [*-)]:

  • Hi Thor,

    1) Sorry, I can't tell you about G5 because I work on PC. But on that, the loading capacity is considerably increased compared to previous solutions without having performance troubles.

    2) You get a license for every collection, and can distribute your collections over several computers. You just need another USB key per extra computer to be able to access VI with the correct license.


  • Thanks for responding.

    Wow, can I combine libraries on dongles or is it a seperate dongle for each group ?


  • Thor,

    I gather you can lump any number of library licences onto a single dongle and also move them around at will. You just need a dongle for each computer your running them on.

    No doubt if I'm wrong someone will jump in.


  • that sounds great...thanks Cwilsher !

    I still wonder about my original question of how many machines would be required to have the VSL Orchestra in stand by mode...ready to rock n roll ?



  • 800.000 samples * 64kb preload = 50GB of RAM needed for preload.

    Let's say you can get 5GB per G5 you need 10 G5s. However I don't think that is needed at all, because you won't need every and the last sample loaded, really. For a really large template I think the rule of one machine per section is still valid, so 4 machines should give you enough horsepower without great limitations.

    Still, the hardware specs are not posted yet, so what I just said is pure speculation! Now I warned you... [;)]