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  • Orchestral strings 1 and 2 in the new Vienna Range

    I'm a little unsure here....when I went to the Orchestral strings 1, it tells me that the articulations for the strings are in the corresponding Horizon and Pro edition details. But there is also the "Performance Set" which has all the legato sounds etc.
    So where does the performance set which contains the legato playing and others come in in the new product?
    Also, Is there also going to be released a comparable product that has the articulations of Opus 1, but that uses the new playback sound enginie that is in the new Vienna Library?
    Thanks to anyone who can make this clear to me.

  • The regular patches from Pro Edition Cube (Strings, Woodwinds, Brass, Percussion) and the Performance Set is melted together in the new products. You can find both elements (regular and performance) in both, Standard and Extended VI. The difference now is not longer performance/not-performance but choice of articulations. You can do the comparison already for e.g. Chamber Strings to get an idea of it. The system standard/extended is supposed to be consistent throughout the new VIs.

    Yet there is no product that has the approach like Opus 1 with the new VI. However by purchasing Orchestral Strings I, Woodwinds I, Brass I and Percussion Standard packages you are getting a solid base from where you can expand to both extended editions as well as other SC parts. If you already have Opus 1, you get discounts on almost all SC extended parts (with exception of Solo and Chamber Strings).

    Hope this helps,

    PS: The new VI FAQ is maybe also answering some of your question, and definately worth a look:

  • Thanks for your reply. This Vienna version is an incredible leap forward that VSL has taken. I'm really looking forward to hearing some demo's done by this sometime.

    Again, thanks for the information. Very appreciated.

    Steve Martin