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  • Decisions, decisions...the clock's ticking

    I know you guys have a lot on your plate at the moment, but can't help feeling that this all seems a bit of a last minute rush to get this out.

    My issue is that you are obviously keen to sell the whole package to 'Early Bird' adopters, which you have demonstrated by setting the 6th January deadline, but we are missing key information that prevents us from making a decision.

    - There are no comparison charts showing the differences between each Standard and Extended library.
    - Very few details on the articulations within each package.
    - No 'hands-on' demo of the Vienna Instruments - however small in terms of content.
    - No real-world indications of the performance we can expect from given hardware/platforms.
    - And of course no Discount Calculator (I'm starting to think we should have another countdown to when that comes back online [:)] )

    The videos are great and I know that everything is 'in-hand' but there may be instances where people should consider buying the discounted Pro-Edition and get that registered before purchasing the Cube. Or even buy the Horizon libraries first to get a discount on the Pro-Edition, to get a discount on the Extended Cube - Phew!

    I just feel it could all get a bit tight time-wise to achieve all this - especially with the Christmas post etc. We need more info!

    Heads down now [:D]

    Kind regards


  • Maybe they will delay the January 6th deadline to order. I'm not sure if we even get 35% off of the Cube in any way. [*-)]

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    @Austin Haynes said:

    I'm not sure if we even get 35% off of the Cube in any way. [*-)]

    We don't.

  • How can we be so lost ?
    We had a countdown, so everything should have appear clear, and now we have so much unanswered questions (discount calculator and VI infos)…

  • gosh you guys need to cut them some slack these roll outs are enormous

  • Granted Mike, that's why you make sure everything is ready to go BEFORE you set your release dates and discount schedules.

    Anyway, I was asking nicely. [:)] Just making a valid point.


  • Well now it's getting more interesting. I see the comparison charts are up for Solo & Chamber Strings & Woodwinds I. Thanks people [[;)]]

    I'm off to have a nose around...