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  • NO more EXS24 or Gigasampler ? and all those "old&

    The Symphonic Cube looks Fantastic [:D] but…
    Does that mean we should keep our "old" VSL samples, and all the EXS24 or Gigasampler VSL instruments ?
    How to deal with the new AU, VST format--> and be able to reopen all the songs created with the "last" VSL ? [:O]ops:

  • Great Question ! I am curious too....
    I also wonder if the sus performances are now looped.



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    @Thor said:

    Great Question ! I am curious too....
    I also wonder if the sus performances are now looped.



    Hey, I also wondered that, but was too shy to ask [:O]ops:


  • VERY good questions, Laurent. There must be a utility of some sort provided to import earlier projects. Not being able to do so would be a nightmare! EXS Manager would go into meltdown trying to keep up with everything.

    As for the standalone feature, I am actually looking forward to not having to use EXS24 if it's not absolutely necessary. I got Logic just for VSL, but having these wonderful sounds accessible from other workstations is an answer to my prayers. I do suspect that Logic will probabaly handle many features of audio optimization better (because it was the mother that birthed the VSL platform initially). But the idea of working with VSL as an AU is one of the changes that doesn't bother me one bit. (Maybe now I'll actually be able to get some work done!!)

  • Either a tool to import or an interface thing, like EXS interface (with its input types), GS interface, Kontakt interface and so on...

  • You're right but the best tool would be a analyser that would detect the VSL instruments contained in the song, and translate them to the appropriate new AU/VST Vinenna Instruments plug…

    Many long end users will have no option:
    They will have to keep all those OLD gigabytes samples, and buy more HD

  • My friend and I were talking about this last night. He's very prolific in his composing (some 1,000 songs.) He just realized that in order to transfer his old Gigastudio 3 performances, he is going to be in for some heartache since Gigastudio will warn you that it can find (x) sample, but it won't show you where is should have been loaded. Meaning, unless he keeps his old samples around, he'll be loading blank Gigastudio 3 performance files, and guessing where the samples were.

    Ouch. [:'(]