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  • how to use vsl ?

    hi, i would like to understand:

    how do you use vsl for exemple to a string V1 line ?

    do you play first with piano sound or directly with V1

    Do you record 1 line in wich you use key swith or differents line for each articulation or copy the same line and erase the note to keep the one articulation you want or other ?
    is it better to use key switch or to programme midi channel change inside exs 24 ?

    i like all the demo i ear but i really don't know how to programme !!

    (if some one have a tuturial in french for all this question or for altiverb it is super ) [[[:D]]] [[[:D]]] [[[:D]]]

  • There are actually two types of layout for the arrangement - having an indvidual track for each articulation (which I use) of an instrument, or having one track per instrument with keyswitches for articulation changes. For sequencing I find the second a lot harder to read, for score view the first is definately a pain in the ass. So how to get things done then... You could either record the whole thing on the fly if you know all the keyswitches, this should be the fastest way to get things done, with little adjustments applied after... Another way is to record the line with an articulation fitting it quite good, and distribute it to the other articulations later (copy & paste & delete in arrangement or adding keyswitch notes in scores) - the advantage here is you could do each articulation by itself and load and unload to your liking (e.g. the stac2 patch instead of the stac1 or a marcato). Last but not least you could input your notes step by step with the mouse in either view... So you do only one or two notes at a time and have full control over every parameter... For sure the most time consuming method [;)]

    All the best,