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  • What's in the Symphonic Cube?

    Can anyone tell me where I can find any info on the upcoming Symphonic Cube? What is different from what we already have etc etc etc...enquiring minds want to know!


  • Don't know, but great website!!!

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    @Guy said:

    Don't know, but great website!!!

    Thanks Man...

  • The fact is we know very little asside from: It will be huge (they have recorded 3 times as many samples as are in the Pro Ed). It will include new instruments and elaborations of playing techniques and articulations of others (i. e. mutes). It has been hinted that the Symphonic Cube will have larger playerbility like intelligent articulation selection etc, but its only vague hints and might very well just have been misinterpritations.

    Lastly The Symphonic Cube will include everything from the horizon series, and you still wont have to pay for the same sample twice. In other words if you own chamber strings and they are in the SC you get a price reduction.

  • Very exciting! I hope this all comes to fruition! I know that I'm very happy with the Pro Edition, Fr. Oboe and Epic Horns....there's little I can't do. And with the small edition of the the "Christmas" mutes it really made this library breathe! But if the SC turns out to be what you think it might be...this is gonna' be insane!!!

    I did hear that it will come on it's own hard that just a rumor?

    Thanks for the info Christian! I can't wait to see how Herb and the gang "out do" them selves this time!

  • Maybe a stupid question here, but when you say Pro-Edition, where does Performance instr. fit, or is that simply a separate library?

  • When I purchased the Pro Ed it came with the set even though it is a separate set within itself....(did that make any sense at all?!?!)

  • Hello,

    our Symphonic Editions consist of the "Orchestral Cube" that contains all the single note articulations and the "Performance Set", that contains all the Performance Instruments (that´s what you need the Performance Tool for).

    If you buy the full package (as most of our users), you get (ta-da):

    The Complete Orchestral Package!

    More Infos here:

    Best, Paul

    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Maybe I'm getting stupider by the minute here, but this is what I understand: You could own the Orchestral Cube without the Performance Set and you would still have the "Pro Edition". And if you own the Complete Orchestral Package (as most of the users do...) you obviously automatically have "Pro Edition".

  • Pro Edition consists of 2 packages. One is "Orchestral Cube" and the other is "Performance Set". They are sold seperately but to have all that their is to offer you need both which forms the Complete Orchestral Package! You get a better discount to buy them together. Do you understand now?

    Each of the 2 packages contain seperate patches of the instruments. One is performance like Legato and the other is sustains plus other needed patches.

  • I must mention that the performance is where the brilliance shines of VSL. This is what makes them unique from the other libraries because of their dedication of getting recorded transistion notes from note to note ala Legato correctly! The samples come to life [:D] !

  • Alright, so the Performance Set IS one part of the "Pro Edition", Ah Ha!!!
    (I didn't notice that until now on the VSL products page.)

    I really wanted to get a clear understanding of what the words "Pro Edition" were referring to.
    But Austin, you explained it well. Thanks.(I have been using this stuff for 2 years, but never quite knew the meaning of "Pro Edition"!)

    Better late then never... [:)]