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  • No product registered ???


    Excuse me to send this message in forum, but I've send 2 messages this last month for the VSL support and nobody answer me.

    I'm a registered user but I can't acceed to my login.
    My VSL solo strings in EXS not appear in my registered products, so i can't acceed to downloads.
    And then I try to register again, a message tell me that this product is already used by an other user.
    I've got a temporary code for EXS but I don't have yet my final registration code.

    This is Normal ??? [*-)]

  • No this is not normal... I suggest you to also forward your mail to of the VSL staff personally, like or (from the mail account you registered with) - or just PM them in this forum.

    Good luck,

  • OK, I try a third time.


  • welcome didick and sorry for the delay - i must have overlooked your email yesterday evening and just sent you a reply

    and remember: only a CRAY can run an endless loop in just three seconds.