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  • Stopped solo Horn ?

    Am I wrong or I didn't see any stopped solo Horn either in Opus 2 or Pro edition ?

    I think I am wrong (I checked quickly) : I can't imagine such professionnal developpers to omit one of the most useful articulation among muted brass.

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    As all the other stopped brass was recorded and was given freely to the VSL users last christmas as a gift, I think they will release all together as a package of its own or as a part of the Symphonic Cube when it's released. As of now there is no stopped Solo Horn from VSL. But given the sample counter on the web is still is increasing I can't imagine that it wouldn't be there somehow.

    All the best,

    EDIT: I forgot to say the muted brass gift is also availible in Opus 2... sorry [:)]

  • Thank you for the tip, I ask because I discovered that it's missing in the Sam solo sessions and the upcoming upgrade of EWQL as well : is there a curse with this instrument ? It's unbelievable : a lot of scores call for this articulation !
    Fortunately the X sample have one but the stacc is missing.
    as for the X sample, each instrument should be available separately : I don't need cube or sphere, just some instruments.

  • The stopped Horn xmas giveaway was a substantial offereing. I am sure as polar says it will be included in future editions. It has been out for a while and it would be nice as a bonus to tie it into new promotions, but of course that gets tricky.

  • Yes, I'm sure that in the near future every library will have this articulation.

    But until now only X sample offers this, unless that you tell me if S.I have one : it's not clear on their website (the sections do have one but is a solo instrument a part of a section ?).