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  • Sync to picture using Soundtrack Pro?

    Have just been on maarten sprujit's site (the guy who composed the great music for Altiverb's orchestral positioning demo), where he mentions doing sync to picture by running his picture from a seperate Mac Mini, using Soundtrack Pro which is linked to his 'main' Mac runnning Logic, amd creating sync via MTC.

    Anyone here had any experience of doing that? It sounds like a great alternative to my creaky old VHS set up, but I'm clueless as to how to make the whole thing sit up and beg.

    Please - help me spend even more cash at the Apple store [8-)]

  • What a gent - the man himself sent me this reply:

    ...I looked long for an app that could synchronize video on a separate machine over MIDI and/or LAN. Of course another sequencer can do that plus some rather expensive video playback dedicated for synchronization (same pricing as a full sequencer). VirtualVTR, for example. Pricing for this starts at $799.

    Then I stumbled upon Apple's own Soundtrack Pro which happens to have MTC input. Soundtrack Pro is only $299.

    That's the way I sync it with Logic on the G5 through a single MIDIOverLAN port. Logic sends MTC to this port, Soundtrack picks it up and syncs.

    The last version of Soundtrack Pro can play fullscreen, but by doing so it doesn't respond to MTC any longer. That's why I have my video in a maximized window right now, not fullscreen. I hope this gets fixed in the next update.

    Of course VirtualVTR offers far more features and settings for video synchronization than Soundtrack Pro does.

  • Maarten is a very professional, experienced and kind person. I guess this is a very good advise (I do not use Macintosh myself).

    I have experimented with a similar setup on my PC's, using my Dell laptop for video playback in VEGAS, using MTC via MidiOverLan (MOL). My DAW runs Logic 5.5 (and Cubase SX3), and I drive 3 sampler PC's.

    For shorter videos, you can simply include a small copy of the footage in your sequencer.

    Tip: if you have a good video app, it can be VERY valuable to burn SMPTE time-code into the copies of the video footage that you use within your sequencer and/or remote application. Handy for locating and marking hit points in your sequencer.

    You can see one of my syncing-to-video experiments ("Chase from the Bridge") on my website, using this approach.