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  • Opus 1, 2 and loops


    I found some confusing information regarding the looping of samples in Opus 1 and 2. If the articulations section at the Opus product page does not say looped, does this always mean it is not looped? This would indicate that nothing is looped on Opus 1.

    Are all samples in Opus 2 not found in Opus 1 or are they partly duplicates (for example concert flute sustained)?

  • Hello jh79,

    All looped articulations have an L in their name, e.g. VI-14L_mV_sus or PO-3L_sus e.g. In general all sections have looped sustains, not the solos tho, and the strings have looped trills.

    All Opus 2 material is completely new material mostly taken from the Pro Edition for Opus 1 and First Edition Users. It has also overlapping content with Solo Strings and Epic Horns. It is also providing looped sustains for the solo woodwinds.

    Hope this helps,