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  • any of you get the VSL tutorial disk yet?

    grouch moan warning.. !!!!!

    I did.. 46euro it cost me for 3 short videos that should be shoved in with every new product.. the tutorial videos are about 28 minutes long in total.. on a whole dvd that won't run on yer tv!

    25 sterling plus 8 postage..

    not worth it guys.. i should have saved my money !

    just to put this into perspective.. i already own pro ed, epic horns, glass and stones, solo strings and french oboe so am already enjoying the delights of the performance tool... I thought we'd either get an extra tweak or two out of this..

    there are 2 other product advertising videos which should not be there.. one is an old one of herb chatting.. nice, but we already seen it.. and the other telling us about what other things to buy... considering a lot of us already have nearly everything maybe this filler should be on the demo disk..

    oohh.. while i'm in grouch mood... VSL... you actually describe "solo strings" as a "string quartet" too... WTF... what string quartet did you ever play in that didn't have a second violin! wrongful advertising that!

    anyone seen the spectrasonics tutorial videos.. given away freee with the fabby RMX upgrade? incredible educational add ons.. i actually learnt something from them ..

    these videos are a well produced.. lovely to look at with all the extra screens and that.. but..

    just a warning .. don't buy.. it ain't worth it...

    sorry VSL people... no matter how much i respect and love your samples.. i thought you would have given us something new to learn here..

    now.. moan over [[:D]]

    i'm still in love with VSL pro ed, epic horns, glass and stones, solo strings and french oboe..

    i am just not seeing the value in that video DVD


  • GeeWhiz Claire! Have a good Christmas?

    You may have a point about it being supplied as standard actually. However. I think it's especially useful for the Repetition Tool. £25 isn't a lot of money though - a night on the Guinness.

    I think Paul Seinbauer does a good job on the DVD (wonderful accent) and for people who are struggling with certain aspects of the Performance Tools, it's nice to be able to load the DVD into the computer and follow it as one tries out what Paul is describing.

    I don't mind paying a relatively small sum on tutorial DVD - because I'm not the fastest in the world at technology, I will probably refer to it quite a few times. I would imagine this won't be the last tutorial DVD however.

    I have to disagree with you here Claire because a lot of users will find this useful in conjunction with the manual. I think it may not be a bad idea though, for VSL to eventually supply it with something like Pro Ed as part of the package.


  • I liked it. I found it concise and comprehensive, and for 25 quid, I actually re-learned a technique that I hadn't used in a while, so that made it worth the money. It's a good reference for those amnesia days after the night on the Guinness!

    I've been using the tools since 1st edition, so I wasn't expecting to be shown something earth-shatteringly new...

    and Paul is a great presenter - nice job!

    best, PB

  • I'm relieved that someone else started this topic first!

    I hate criticising anything from VSL as they are one of my favourite companies, but I am also a little disappointed with the Tutorial DVD.

    The 2 movies which are "travelogues" of VSL should be free to all users as they are really promotional material, so that leaves us with only 3 actual tutorial movies. These are certainly informative, but in all cases, I wanted more examples and far more detail on the use of the various tools. If I hadn't already understood the concept of what keyswitches were and what they actually did, I'm sure I would have been quite lost.

    Paul tells us that there are examples of this and that - he should have SHOWN us many of these examples.

    I think the problem is that the folks at VSL are so familiar with all the different instrument variations and what they sound like and how they perform, that they take a lot of it for granted. I could have handled another hour or more of detailed examples of the use of the tools with woodwinds, brass, strings etc etc.

    I agree with fitch about the Spectrasonics tutorials. These are really superb, and cover all aspects of Stylus RMX on a step-by-step basis. And, as mentioned, they are free.

    I will certainly play the VSL tutorials a few times to make sure I've understood all the nuances, but I'm left wishing for more, and also still somewhat uninformed as to the complexities of the VSL tools and libraries.

    Perhaps additional videos could be created in future.

    Regards - Colin

  • let me get this straight... i'm not critising Paul... his presentation was flawless...

    as i mentioned in the first post i think.. ..and i loved the accent too [[:D]]

    i'm just shocked at the amount of content verses the cost... i thought there'd be more than 1 disc for that price?

    errr.. how much to dvds movies cost normally? not sure i don't buy them .. but o think 46EU for 1 disc ehem? with under half an hour of content?

    even if it's a "lesson" type thing.. if i charged 50 euro for a half hour cello lesson i wouldn't have many pupils [;)]

    yes, maybe in future there'll be more on depth and varied tutorials..

    i'll look forward to them [[:D]]

  • "what string quartet did you ever play in that didn't have a second violin! wrongful advertising that!"

    I'm by no means the ultimate authority on these things, but I've always understood that a "string quartet" meant a piece written for four instruments/players, not four types of instruments. Now if they had called a "string quintet," there would be something to complain about, but as you said, they didn't. [*-)]

  • alex [8-)] i'm sorry if i'm being pedantic..

    but how many string quartets have double basses in them.. have a look [[;)]] all the way back to Mozart..

    it's a genre... likewise string trios don't have 3 strings in them.. that's the oldest joke in college LOL

    sorry.. i just don't agree with you there

    added note... if anyone wants my DVD, pm me.. i'll sell it to you ..

    only used once.. LOL

  • Well, I have ordered it too and I only can say it's quite concise... it's true that there is not a huge info, but it is not a promo dvd only... it works for me...

    I got a little question: my intro, in which you can hear music, does not have picture to it... this is some error, right? there should be images at the same time. right¿ If this should be the case, my dvd would have been pressed badly...



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    @fitch said:

    added note... if anyone wants my DVD, pm me.. i'll sell it to you ..

    only used once.. LOL

    Ahem... tap tap tap.... [:D]

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    @PaulR said:

    £25 isn't a lot of money though - a night on the Guinness.

    £25 is a lot of money but....[8-)] apparently you do not drink a lot.... [:D]

  • Happy New Year mr laughingbear [[:D]]

    hope you didn't get too snowed in up there over christmas

    ... i'm guessing you had a fair bit of the white stuff as well as the black stuff too [[:D]]

  • Happy new year dear Claire [:D]

    Me does not do the black stuff.... Had a quiet one and that french chap Mr. Moet Chandon was there as well, watched "Hidalgo horsing around".... and tried not to be too frustrated about having a 1000 sqft studio sitting in my backyard which I can not use.... not yet.... not yet.... [[[;)]]] ....Not much of that white stuff here...

    Best wishes

    P.S. You still suing that VM3100? Still do not want a second one? [[[;)]]]

  • I'd like to steer this topic back on topic.... [*-)]

    No comment from anyone at VSL about the criticisms of the Tutorial DVD.
    Is there any chance of additional material?
    More examples using various instrument groups?

    Regards - Colin

  • The video tutorial is a "Performance Tool" video tutorial, so it describes all functionalities of the performance tool.
    It's not so important which instruments are used, because the performance tool does have the same functions and workflow for all instruments. What I mean is, that there are no differences using the performance tool having loaded a legato clarinet or a legato trumpet.
    Same goes for alternation and repetition.

    All requests we got regarding producing a performance tool video tutorial were requests for a general description of the tool and the functionalities of the tool and that's what we've tried to deliver.