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  • VI application won't run !?!?!?

    After the epic installation of VSL and all of it's contents, the program won't run at all. I'm running it on a very well endowed Mac Pro desktop and all I get is that the program is "Not Responding"

    Any advice would be appreciated!

  • Hello Vince,

    welcome to Vienna! I think we would need some more info before we can give you meaningful answers - but here's a few questions for a start:

    Installation went o.k., it seems, apart from the time it takes ... so you registered your product and also activated the syncrosoft key. The ViennaKey is safely inserted in one of your USB ports.

    - Are you trying to run the stand-alone VI software, or to load the VST/AU in your sequencer?
    - Have you selected the instrument folders you want to use with the Directory Manager? If yes, try selecting only a single instrument at first.
    - Maybe downloading and installing the latest software from our user area will do the trick.

    If none of these helps, please give us a description of your computer setup, we might be able to tell you more then.

    Kind regards,
    VSL manuals