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  • Any fx teleport users had this problem?

    hi im using 3 computers networked using fxt. On one of my slaves i have my appassionata strings and on my other slave pc i have my special edition collection. I cant seem to be able to use both computers with fxt.

    for instance i load up my DAW (nuendo) and it recoginises all the plugins in the vst folder when it loads but the problem is when i come to load up a vst, go to the fx teleport folder, there is only one vienna instruments to choose from. For some reason it doesnt like two of the same name loading up.

    And before u ask i have already tried changing the folder the vst file goes in and changing the name, but this doesnt work.

    Any one had a similar problem?

  • Rename the .dll file on the slaves to ViennaInstrumentsA and ViennaInstrumentsB, then you will know exactly which PC you are using.


  • If I understood your problem correctly I think that it's supposed to work that way. You can change the slave in the FX Teleport window that opens on your DAW. Every computer in the network has a name which is shown before the latency setting. Click it and select the slave you want to use with that plugin instance.

  • I don't know if you have already found a solution to this problem, but I try!

    I solved this problem this way.

    I have 1 Master computer + 6 slave connected through FXT.

    I spanned Vienna Instruments Libraries among these 6 slaves PC.

    This is my scenario:

    1. Solo Strings
    2. Orchestral Strings I+II
    3. Winds I+II
    4. Brass I+II
    5. Percussion
    6. Harps + Chamber Strings

    Now, this is my idea!

    I renamed on each slave PC the plugin DLL file accordingly with the corresponding library.

    So now I have:

    1. Vienna Instruments.DLL   —>   Solo Strings.DLL
    2. Vienna Instruments.DLL   —>   Strings.DLL
    3. Vienna Instruments.DLL   —>   Woodwinds.DLL
    4. Vienna Instruments.DLL   —>   Brass.DLL
    5. Vienna Instruments.DLL   —>   Percussion.DLL
    6. Vienna Instruments.DLL   —>   Harps Chamber.DLL
    With this tweak, when you install FX plugins on the Master PC, you can see all these plugins with different name. And, more important, when you load them into your sequencer, you see exactly the right name!
    I hope this could help.
    Luigi Pulcini.