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  • Syncrosoft URGENT WARNING.

    I have just downloaded the Korg Digital 1.3.1 install. This updates Syncrosoft to and now I am having VSI problems. My last update from Vienna was for version Take care if you apgrading. Not sure what the problem is - this is just a beware post.


  • OK - the problem appears to be solved. I re-installed the latest version of the VSI.
    I am using DP 5.11 and when I tried to open a file I got an error from Syncrosoft and VSI would not load. I had to force quit - did all the usual - repair permissions/restart. Nothing. Then shut down and restarted - re-installed the lastest version of VSI, repaired permissions and shut down and re-started again. That did the trick. Sorry to panic anyone but thought it better to post a 'beware' early rather than wait for anyone else to hit a problem.

  • Thanks ! [:)]