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  • An other question about VI SE! Is the samples are...

    Hi! My first post here. [:)]

    I wonder if SE instruments come with one sample for each note or if they are widened between two or three? Considering the price and number of instruments, is it possible that they have some stretch samples?

    I’m really attracted by this one. That would be my first VSL experience.

    my best,


  • Hi Bernard,

    if i am not mistaken all instruments are sampled by semitones.

    If you are the Bernard Asselin who has composed
    "Compassion" and "BlackWings" then let me say to you:



    Those are the two most interesting and pleasant orchestral 's compositions
    i have heard on the internet.

    You have a very good sense of melody, arrangements and tensions.

    I am really curious to hear what you are going to do with VSL.

  • Hi Bernard,

    most of the samples are spread over two notes, but many articulations have built-in Alternations, so you still get two different samples in a row if you repeat a note (which I personally think is the more important feature since it alleviates the "machine gun" effect). Also, you should be able to run the Special Edition on one computer, and with one sample per note you would soon run out of memory.

    Kind regards,
    VSL manuals

  • Thanks both for the quick responses.

    Now, I’m aware of the way VSL team took their choice. This product is maybe a kind of introduction to their world. If Special Edition can run on only one computer, people will have an other reason to get one.

    Yes Lorenzo, I’m the same person. I have made some other works for EW. However, the lack of true legato articulations makes me frustrated. Thanks for the kind words.