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  • VI Special edition compared to Opus 1 & 2

    How many of the same samples (approximate percentage) were used from Opus 1 & 2 in the VI Special edition standard? What percentage in the extended? ....or does VI Special edition have all-new samples?


    P.S. I see the same question below now - sorry. It would be great to get a sincere answer to either one. Thanks.

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  • I would also love to hear some feedback/comparisons from fellow Opus users. Even with the new instruments, I personally cannot justify the upgrade cost (poor college student here [:)] without hearing some sort of feedback from other opus users who have made the plunge.

    Judging from the articulations list, we have a more complete product in Opus 1 + 2 in terms of depth of articulations, runs/trills, etc, but SE obviously has the edge in the sheer amount of instruments! However, upon closer inspection, beyond the Solo, Chamber, and Appassionata strings, and the occasional use of Saxophone/Eb clarinet/Wagner tuba for wind symphony pieces, I cant see myself using many of the new instruments. I guess they're nice to have "just incase," but I personally would have liked to have seen more articulations for the common instruments vs more exotic and raerly used instruments. I mean, I imagine I'd use trills or runs far more than I'd use the Oboe d'amore or Basset horn instruments. I'd also imagine I'm not in the minority here.

    I'd LOVE to hear the opinions from others who have made the plunge. Is the lack of various articulations make it hard to do mockups? How about the lack of velocity layers?

    Honest feedback would be much appreciated. I'm sure VSL would even love to know how to improve their products, if necessary. [:D]

  • I've already voiced my view in other threads, but I guess I'll restate here too - I'm an Opus bundle user, and a pleased one at that.

    I happen to be very pleased with all the new instrument additions - I have long coveted these specialities that only VSL records, certainly in the kind of detail that VSL does... but articulation wise the set really lets me down. Having the basic orchestral set cut back so extensively is too much.. and frankly most of those new instrument's use is curtailed by the lack of depth in articulations. When I hoped for an upgrade to my opus libraries, I hoped for a significant step forward in depth - the new instruments only partially address this.

    Add to this that there is no further upgrade path from the SE. My upgrade discounts are of little use tacked on to the extended edition of the regular sets... if they applied to the standard edition, that hundred odd dollars of upgrade path would have made it more plausible one section at a time.. but I digress.

    The switch in format to the closed and dongled VI also makes me hesitate. If I take that plunge, I'd like for an orchestral set that can stand on its own if it has to.

    The thoughts of a VSL user pleased with what he has, but with no clear way forward.

  • now that people are getting their SE's, what are your opinions when compared to Opus?

  • I agree with everything jc5 wrote. I have both Opus libraries and the VSE.

  • One other thing you lose with VI SE compared to Opus1/2 is the convolution reverb built into Kontakt. I know there are alternatives to this, but it costs another $500 to get a good convolution reverb outside of Kontakt (at least on a Mac).

    Nevertheless, I have decided to spring for the VI SE.