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  • Two or more computer set up for Vsl

    Hi everyone,

    Well, in a recent thread I talked about my one computer set up that I should have by next week - one of the new double cpu processors, and which I can put in 4 gigs of ram, but I have heard of using two computers - which means, from what impressions I have read before, is a sure way of being able to play all of your sounds together at once, without the pc crashing.

    Ok, this is where someone may be able to enlighten me - on the Vienna Instrument forum part, there is an excellent thread by Herb, detailing stress tests with various computers, and, me, not being totally understanding of the in's and out's of computers, I get the impression from what I read [briefly that is], that 1 pc, with a good cpu, and 2 gigs of RAM, can handle a lot of different samples/or voices at once.

    So, with 1 computer, with a good fast processor, 2 gigs of RAM, and two separate 300 gig drives with the VI's sample libraries on them, you can have all sections of the orchestra playing at that what is meant from what I read? {I am sure that is what is meant but I just want to check that I am not wrong here, or misunderstanding the thread in any way}.
    Thanks if anyone can enlighten a total dummy like me when it comes to understanding computers!

    And if someone could please give some info about a two computer set up, as this sounds like a good idea.

    Many thanks for any information anyone can send my way!


    Steve [:D] !

  • Hello Steve, I'll move this thread to the main forum for better exposure.


    /Dietz - Vienna Symphonic Library
  • Steve, a small version of my setup is maybe what you are after.

    If you use 2 PCs you can split your samples between them and connect via FX-Teleport from This means that as far as your main PC is concerned, all the samples are still playing locally, so you can do audio mixdowns just as if you only had one PC. It also means that you don't need an additional MIDI interface or audio card on the slave PC However, because you are really using 2 PCs, it means that you can get up to around 5.6GB of samples loaded. There are two caveats:

    1) You must follow the instructions for FXT to the letter. Trying to skimp will land you in trouble.
    2) You can't split VSL Collections, although you can have different Collections on each PC.

    I would recommend reading the information on the FXT site, so that you know whether or not this is a possible option. If not, then we can look at other ones. Feel free to ask stupid questions. After all, the genuinely stupid person is the one who keeps quiet and makes the mistakes....!


  • Hi Dietz,

    thank you for moving the thread to a different place for more exposure. I just was not sure which part of the site would deal more with computer set up, Very kind of you to help me out with this [[:D]] .
    DG, thanks for that info also. I'll get my computer technician to look at your post, as I would really like to have things going so I can run as many sections of the orchestra at once if possible.


    Steve [[:D]]

  • Two PCs is only the beginning Steve - if you head in the direction of big orchestral mockups and heftier TV and film scoring projects, you will rapidly discover 2 is not enough! I'm currently on six and trying to find a way to fit a few more in!

  • Hi Red,

    Yes, I would like to head in the direction of large mockups. What my plan is, is this - once I have brought some more VI's, and maybe some more Horizon libraries, and have some good experience with using the libraries for some music, then I will probably look at having the 2nd pc.

    But, wow - 6 of them!!! [fantastic!]

    I must say that you having that many of them must be real fun to let your imagination run wild with big orchestrations!

    thanks for your reply,



  • Steve, one more thing to consider. Since buying into the Vienna VI I have found that I hardly ever run out of RAM or processing power, even when running a full orchestra. In the "old" days of GigaStudio it used to happen very often. There are reports of being able to run FXT on X64 with up to 8GB of samples loaded. When I get a chance I'm going to look into this as I don't quite see how, unless all the components are 64bit. However, we are not very far away from this to be a reality, so it might even be possible to run a whole orchestra from one sample PC. The beauty of FXT is that you don't have to worry about manufacturers coming up with MIDI and audio drivers etc. as the only extra things that have to work are FXT and your sample player. I know that VSL is working on the 64bit version, but as I think that Paul (sorry to drop you in it!) said very early on that VI was already designed for the 64bit environment, it can't be that far away from becoming a reality.