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  • Heeeeeelp!!! Do I have a psychoaccoustic problem???

    Hi all,

    I´m quite desparate about a very simple sequence, I recorded, and I don´t know, if there´s something wrong with my VSL, my ears or my mind.

    Here´s the sequence of simple 16tel notes. Even though all notes have the same velocity and all are quantized to 16tel notes, it seems to me, that the highest note sometimes is a little late:

    Am I the only one to hear the wrong timing?
    If not: What can I do? Should I really move the notes?

  • Sounds like high note has a slower attack. You can try an articulation with a faster attack for those notes (the perf-reps often work well for this) or move those notes earlier.


  • I´ll try that.

    Did someone experience this problem with his VSL. In this case it is only the note b3, that causes this timing problem. When I transpose the sequence, the timing is good.

    So I´m wondering, if it´s a problem with the recorded note or a gigastudio problem.

    I recognized the same timing problem with the ais3 of the VI-16_stac-2 at a velocity of 36.

  • Hi guys,

    I´d like to know, if somebody else experienced these problems and how to solve it:

    I recognize some timing problems in this case concerning the attack of one specific VI-14_stac-1 note. The following sequence has quantized 16tel notes, all played at the same velocity, but the highest note comes too late:

    Transposing the sequence by e.g. 2 halftones, the timing works good.

    Another problem: Some stacc.-notes seem to be panned much more to the right than others. In this example, all notes have the same velocity an length.

    Are these VSL bugs or could these problems relate to my gigastudio or anything else concerning my setup? (I´m using VSL on an external Gigastudio PC, connected to my HDSP soundcard on my mac.)

    Thanks for your help!

  • I moved this question to the Vienna Symphonic Library threads. It seems to be fitting better there.

  • I have also noticed that short staccato samples show a wide variation of sound level between left and right channels. I can't tell if the variations are a function of the note, the velocity, or both.

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