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  • VSL question from VI user....

    Hi everyone,
    I've actually been an exclusive user of VI (Chamber Strings, Woodwinds and Brass I), and never used the Horizon or Pro Libraries.
    Even though I swear by VI, I'm also an expert user of Kontakt. I'm going to buy Solo Strings soon, and I was actually thinking of buying the Pro Edition instead of the VI version, just to try it out in Kontakt.

    Will I have to use the Performance Tool, or will there be scripts available for use in Kontakt?
    Also, are these scripts exclusive to Solo Strings, or can they be used for other libraries? (I'm also thinking of picking up the VSL Perc [:D] )

  • Hi,

    interesting plan....

    All our Horizon Series titles have been converted to Kontakt (in Kontakt 2 that also includes sciptes programs that replace the Performance Tool), but we have not converted the Pro Edition, as a professional conversion is very tedious.

    Here´s my suggestion: Get the Solo Strings for Kontakt2 and see how that works for you. The Solo Strings for the Horizon Series contains 50.000 Samples....

    As you are already used to the Vienna Instruments, you can easily upgrade to the VI Solo Strings Full Library, which gives you an additional 50.000 Samples...

    Hope that helps.



    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Thanks, Paul.....
    I'm still confused about the Horizon samples, though....
    are there standard/extended licenses that apply, or does the collection include all of the articulations listed?
    (Again, I'm used to thinking in terms of VI [[:|]] )

  • There isn't any Standard/Extended division for the Horizon libraries - there is just one version which contains all of what is listed.