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  • Need help in Cubase!

    I have Cubase 4.

    I am working on an animation. But suddenly, the video has disappeared from the project. Its there in the track but I cant bring it on. Neither by pressing F8 nor from the Menu Bar.

    Its just gone. And its not in the session. It happened once before but when I reopened the session after closing it - it was there.

    Why is this happening? Any suggestions?



  • Hi Tanuj,

    I don't have Cubase 4 yet so my advice might be for nothing ... Anyway, these questions came to my mind first: What video format are you using? Did you update (or remove) any drivers or codecs of that format recently? Any other system changes (e.g., Windows updates) since you installed C4?

    VSL manuals

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    @vibrato said:

    Hi! David,

    I did not change anything in the computer. I am using the latest Quicktime Pro 7.x

    The video is back on for now. But it randomly disappears sometimes I reopen the project.

    Someone on the Cubase forum told me to increase the Video Cache size - I have done that. Now lets see if this problem resurfaces.

    I will keep you guys posted.

    Thanks u all very much for ur help!!!!


    I think that you need to try to rule QT out as being the problem. The latest version is causing problems with some Steinberg products and in general QT is pretty much useless for many people. The first things that I would check is either to see if you can play the files back through Direct Show (using QuickTime Alternative), or even try to convert the file to AVI.