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  • Philharmonia Orchestra - Very nice website

    Philharmonia Orchestra website is full of valuable knowledge for composers. You can easely spend an hour or more there:.

    It includes answers to questions I have seen posted here many times, and all in right musical terminology!

    Harp glissandos in parallel motion:

    Harp Bisbigliando:

    and many more...

    It seems the orchestra has a forum where you can ask the musicians questions:

    This people are good!


  • That's pretty amazing, thanks for pointing to it.

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    @mathis said:

    That's pretty amazing, thanks for pointing to it.

    Yes, quite something. After watching 30 movies I just realized again what an extensive field the whole apparatus orchestra is. I should be more with musician who play every day instead of spending most of the time at my desk.

    The cellist David Watkin says some really valuable things about his instrument for us:


  • Do the larger VSL package have "sautee" ?


  • I know it as sautillĂ©. VSL doesn't have it by name. But you could certainly get very close to it with some of the spiccato velocities. The Garritan Orchestral Strings has sautillĂ©, though it's been of limited use for me.

    Many thanks for the link.

  • "sautillĂ©", yes that the term for the off-string technique the english cellist is demonstrating in the video.

    He tries to explain his cooking skills by explaining where the term "sautillé" derives from, which is "sauter" and means quickly cooking in butter, as well it has several other meanings too.

    Elle a sauté du bus. - She jumped off the bus.

    J'adore faire sauter mon enfant sur mes genoux. - I love to bounce my child on my knee.

    Les plombs viennent de sauter. - The fuses have just blown.

    La bombe a sauté à minuit. - The bomb blew up at midnight.



  • Well said. Now I can tell the violinists, "Play it like your jumping off a bus."

    It also occured to me that numerous perf-rep patches in VI strings would be suitable for this effect, at any speed, without machine gunning.

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