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  • The VSL Podcast - Show 025

    Hey everyone. A new week, an new show. Suffering a touch of a cold this week so I try not to talk too much. The reverb tech topic that I've been promising for a while is now on my site on the "VSL & Tech" section, under "Mixing Tech". This details some of the new experiments with depth that I've been doing (using what I have recently learned from Dietz and Beat Kaufmann), and I've got screenshots and downloadable presets .. not to mention a Logic Pro session for those with Logic so you can see the setup yourself.

    By all means have a play with it and feel free to adjust everything you see. I think this session is a good idea for learning how to route audio through Aux sends if you haven't done that yet, and you can see how the reverbs are applied but it's certainly not perfect by any means .. still needs some tweaks to get it to work with good harmony ..(work flow wise).

    Anyways, some nice compositions from Jay Bacal, Matt Gates, and Nick Simpson.

    And a new tune from me too. Hope you enjoy.

  • Hi Hetoreyn,

    Just sitting here listening to a few old issues of your podcasts and am VERY thankful for the effort you are putting in to the programs you create. Very useful for me and not just useful, they are inspiring! I am working toward having something for you to podcast but it will take quite a while. Your activity in the educational/inspirational aspect of using the VSL sample library is laudatory, praiseworthy and certainly of service. Thanx!


  • What a marvelous mock up of the Saint Saens (or should I say Saint Since, sorry Hetoreyn, I couldn't resist that [[;)]] please forgive me [:O]ops: ), as I was saying great mock up by Beat Kaufmann. I thought perhaps the piano could be looser in the rhythm, but that's just me, still sounds great!

  • well I tried to say it .. Saynes .. but with my cold I guess it didn't come out right. [:P]

  • Guy, Hetoreyn,
    Thanks for the praising words - the flowers!
    [:O]ops: I can't play the piano as good as I should... therefore it is a very technical version.
    I've been a beginner for years. [:O]ops:
    ...a "step by stepper" so to say...

    Thank you for the new podcast. My only comment: Very, very interesting as ever!!


    - Tips & Tricks while using Samples of VSL.. see at: - Tutorial "Mixing an Orchestra":
  • Hey guys,

    I realized that in the hsow I didn't really say where you can find my new article on reverb processing.

    This details my efforts to do this kind of reverbing .. no laughing please all you professionals out there [:P]

    I can't wait to get altiverb [:D]