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  • Cubase

    I recorded a horn line onto a VST track in Cubase...

    After that I recorded another line of strings....

    but the audio is shifted out of sync - even when I played it in perfect time.

    Why is this?

    All the tracks I record later...get out of sync after I play them back...

    Wht is the problem? And why is this happening?



  • Hello Tanuj - what CAP says. The Cubase-forum is most certainly the ideal place to ask for program-specific help.

    Apart from that: You will have to specify what happens _exactly_. Are you trying to record Audio? MIDI? What hardware? What settings (like latency and the like)? What OS (Mac? PC?)? Etc. ... The more details you have ready, the better answers you will receive.

    All the best,

    /Dietz - Vienna Symphonic Library
  • Tanuj,

    so how did you fix this problem?