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  • Panning in Plogue Bidule


    did anyone try to pan Vienna Instruments inside Plogue Bidule?

    I'm trying to find a good solution to pan my instruments well and create a real stereo image.

    All my VI stuff is in various slaves, with a stereo output each. It goes right to my sequencer (I use Logic). For the brass for example, I have horns and trumpets on one slave, and trombones and tubas on the other slave. The samples are loaded in Plogue Bidule.

    Any suggestions on how to proceed to pan these instruments correctly, and without losing any sound quality?


  • Interestingly I am doing this right this second. I am using "mono mixer" objects (bidules), as the left and right channels of each stereo pair can be panned independently. Like this, the stereo width can be reduced while still preserving both sides of the stereo image.


  • I am not sure I understand... if you lower the right channel to pan an instrument left(for example), won't you lose some information?


  • You leave the channel fader as is but just use the panpots on each channel to pan the left and right sides individually.


    Input 1 (Violin 1 left): pan 8 o'clock
    Input 2 (Violin 1 right): pan 11 o'clock
    Input 3: (Violin 2 left): pan 10 o'clock
    Input 4: (Violin 2 right): pan 12 o'clock

    Sorry, does it make sense?


  • Yes, it totally makes sense! I didn't remember there's a panpot for every mono channel.

    Thanks [:)]