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  • difficult in navigating website to buy

    Hello everyone,
    New guy here

    I am very interested in the wonderful samples here

    But need a little help figuring out a few things.

    Wish there was a tab or button that would say BUY NOW. LOL

    Wish I could figure out what is needed.

    Obviously these samples can be played in various sample players
    BUT do you get the Instrument player in the CUBE? or is it just samples?

    I want to use this as a VST in Live 6.
    ANyone got this working.

    ANy help navigating this would be very appreciated.

    PS i cant get any tutorial videos to work on a mac also...

    Orch string 1 and 2 , is 1 mandatory to get the player or is it with all samples?

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    Hello grokgod,

    and welcome!

    Our products are divided in 2 product lines:

    1) Our Sample Libraries (Pro Edition and Horizon Series) that need a 3rd party sample player. These products have been introduced within the last 3 years.


    2) The NEW Symphonic Cube powered by the Vienna Instruments. Most of the samples have been re-edited and there are many new features available both technically and musically through the abilities of the Vienna Instruments.

    HereĀ“s the graphic overview!

    I envy everyone who steps into the world of virtual orchestration right now, because with the Vienna Instruments it is very simple to get going, so this is definitely the right choice for you!

    Of course it works as a VST in Live 6, no problem. And you get the Vienna Instruments player with every collection of the Symphonic Cube automatically!

    You can choose to get Orchestral Strings I&II, you can also step in with the more intimate Chamber Strings. As you can see, thereĀ“s always a Standard Library and an Extended Library available (you can have a look at the Extended Library, because you get a demo code, and then decide if you need the extended material, anytime).

    And there IS a BUY button, you can find it next to every product description on our product site [:)]

    Please email me with further questions anytime:
    Let me know what you want to achieve so that I can help you to pick the right product!



    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • And there IS a BUY button, you can find it next to every product description on our product site no it wont show up any buy button when surfing on a mac using firefox or safari

  • Paul, I think that you are at least a year behind. As far as I remember, the Pro Edition was released longer than 3 years ago (considering I've had it for well over 3 years), and the VI Cube has been out for nearly 2 years (or at least some of it), so it can't really be described as new. [:)]


  • The BUY button should come back very soon, but is not showing right now because they are reconstructing their web shop...

     I haven't been surfing the VSL pages for quite some time, so it was a surprise to see many broken links (discount calculator, special package, ...) But actually, you can find some info in various posts where they state that they are working on it. The reason: new design and forums. Neat and clean, me like it!

    It would be a good idea to make an announcement when the web shop is online, just thinking aloud... [:)]