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  • Kai's Tool and Mobius's Chart

    Hi. Since I'm having some major problems with my website software I've had to temporarily move Kai's AT tool and Mobius's Ranges chart on to the VSL & Tech page. As soon as I sort this all out they'll be back where they should be.

    So if anyone's looking at old links and you can't find the tool .. it's still there .. but head along to the VSL & tech page instead .. scroll down.

    Also the Podcast is still going to happen, I've been screaming and yelling at my monitor for two days now and I think I've got it figured out. So with any hope I'll have show number 20 uploaded and available tomorrow.

  • First of all, Hetoreyn, I'm enjoying your podcasts. Keep them coming.

    Second. I have been working on Kai's user manual (again) and have another update which I hope you will post as you did before. I was reading it over a few days ago and found that a newbie would experience a good deal of confusion over some lacking information, some pretty strange wording and the spelling errors. Originally I set out just to correct Kai's original manual and didn't know how far to go with me "proof reading". Didn't go far enough. Anyway, the new manual update can perhaps be located as another version alongside the v.2 so folk can pick and choose. If anyone has suggestions to the v.3 I send you, I would be quite happy to receive them to include in a v.3.1 edition.

    I think I now understand his Articulation Tool and my understanding has helped rework the manual. As soon as I can check it one last time and create a .pdf from the Word doc then I'll E-mail it to you if you will allow it.

    Best regards and again, hats off to the podcast work you are doing.

  • Kai of Kai's Articulation Tool.

    If you are out there, contact me. I can't seem to find your E-mail address and would like you to see the revised manual before I do anything I am not supposed to do! hehe


  • is his email address from the profile *kai-1973 (at) gmx (dot) de* no longer valid?

    and remember: only a CRAY can run an endless loop in just three seconds.
  • I would like to see your new revision. As I still haven't yet learned how to use the tool [[[:P]]]

    It's funny I get a few e-mails from people asking how to use it and I have to say .. "sorry .. I just host the file [[[:P]]]" But I wuld like to use it. I've seen comments from people swearing by it as the best articulation tool available. Mind you I'm still trying to use the VSL articulation tool, and I wonder what the differences between Kai's tool and the VSL tool are ... save for the obvious one .. Kai's' tool is for everything and the VSL tool is for just VSL.

    Anyways, I have a fix for my site problems. Have to manually upload stuff seeing as how the Rapid Weaver ftp client no longer does what it should [[[:P]]]. But at least I can now post the podcast .. I'm using fetch to upload stuff, whilst exporting my website to HD.

    The moral is .. NEVER update if things are working right [:D]

  • cm. Thanks for the E-mail address. I'm trying it now.

    Hetoreyn. As soon as I get some sign from Kai, I'll send you a copy of the tool for you to post. The major difference with Kai's Articulation Tool is that you do not get a useless score because of all of the switch key notes showing up. Each note is given a channel number and is routed to the 16 instances of EXS on one channel splitter thus showing up on one track. Even the switch keys controling the VSL Performance Tool are routed by the attached environment Performance Keys Tool. You still need key switches but you can freely program them (map them) to a second keyboard in any arrangement you wish. I am using the tool and am pleased with what it does for me.

    Best regards