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  • Getting too expensive...

    i know there are the options of buying this seperately, and of course upgrade paths along the way...but to pay almost $11,000US for the stand+extended symphonic cube seems too unreasonible.

    Theres no doubt the library sounds incredible, and i don't doubt tons of work went into its production, but to part with so much money for a sample library (+ the cost of all the other libraries most producers will need to buy for other areas) basically only allows those who are getting the top high end tv gigs, or hobbyists with way to much money on their hands to afford it. But for the gap in between of those in small time projects trying to get into the big work, its no feasible. Personally it seems a lot more reasonable for the entire package to be around $5-6g's opposed to 11. I even think this would be more benifical for the company as this 'middle gap' would be more inclined to purchase the library.

  • Hi Muzik,

    we have splittet the library into two Levels: Standard andExtended, and into ten different collections.
    So you could start with a standard Orchestra setup, including
    Orchestral Strings I & II, Woodwind I, Brass I and the Percussion all for Standard level.
    This would cost 2325 Euro, or 2895 $.


  • [8o|] upgrade paths .. grrrr [8o|]

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    [8o|] upgrade paths .. grrrr [8o|]

    Broken record [8-)]


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    Broken record [8-)]


    same with knobs on [[;)]]