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  • Quads at the Apple Refurb Store (UK)

    Already posted this in the EXS24 forum, but it's a great offer so...

    The Apple refurb store is open every day just now, and yesterday I ordered a Quad for £1840, £460 less than the normal price. It said on the site that it would be despatched in 8 days time, but I've just received an email from Apple saying it was sent out today, to be delivered in 2-3 days time!!

    The two Dual Core machines are also on sale, as is the older 2.7 Dual Processor model, as well as Powerbooks etc etc.... Most are at least 20% off.

    Curiously, there's a phone number for "volume purchases". There's every chance that these could be brand new machines, priced to clear.