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  • Best first step to VSL?

    I need some advice about how to enter the VLS world.

    I have the EWQSLO Platinum library, but there are so many low memory problems with it (although I have 8GB of RAM) that I am enormously frustrated.

    When I learned recently that I could use the EXS24 MKii plugin in Logic to load 30-20 VSL instruments, I took a look at the VLS website. There are so many options that I am confused. I am thinking that the best way to put my toe in the water might be to buy the Opus I and Opus II sets and try them out and then go from there. I believe that once I buy this set I will be on a variety of upgrade paths to greater things later. Is this correct?

    If anyone has other suggestions, I'd appreciate hearing from you.


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    Hi Bill,
    regarding upgrade paths from Opus 1+2 the situation doesn't seem to be totally clear at the moment. I'm sure you know about the new VI which is the future of VSL samples. Currently there are no VI version of Opus 1+2 and the only thing said about it from VSL is that there's not any VI version of Opus planned in the near future. There are discounts if you as an owner of Opus buy individual VI on the extended parts of the VIs. You can check it out yourself with the discount calculator.

    I ordered Opus 1+2 despite being unsure about its future because I'm guessing that VSL eventually will have to offer some introductory deal with a general orchestral library like Opus using their VI for improved workflow, and even though I don't like being kept in the dark on Opus' future I still couldn't resist the sound of the VSL samples (nor the Christmas sale). Since I'm really not that experienced maybe I'd better not give you any specific advice. Hopefully, someone else can give you some more guidance.

    Kind regards,

  • I have Opus 1 and French Oboe and have ordered Opus 2 and Glass & Stones. Even if the Opus libraries are the entry level of VSL they are very complete and fully functional products. They have a lot of qualities that other more expensive libraries don't have. Personally I'm not worried about the future of these libraries as I'm satisfied with them and there should be an upgrade path if a VI version is released. I recommend using these libraries with Kontakt 2 as that way you don't need the performance tool. That's the next best thing after the automatic articulation switching the VI is supposed to do.

  • janila, I'm know nothing about how kontakt works, having only ever used gigasampler. Could you explain a little about how the Opus instruments in kontakt achieve the legato phrasing?

    Thanks very much.


  • Hi Bill,

    I think the Opus bundle is a good place to start. You can upgrade to the Complete Pro Edition or to Vienna Instruments (or to the Pro Ed THEN VI!). If you want to check the various upgrade prices check the discount calculator on the Products & Shop page.



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    @Mahlon said:

    janila, I'm know nothing about how kontakt works, having only ever used gigasampler. Could you explain a little about how the Opus instruments in kontakt achieve the legato phrasing?

    Thanks very much.


    Hi Mahlon,
    I'll chime in here if I may. Kontakt has support for scripting which makes it possible for its users to write scripts (=small plug-ins) that can control Kontakt. For example, when two notes are played legato such a script can calculate the interval between the notes and order Kontakt to play the legato samples that correspond to that specific interval. One can say that scripts are a kind of midi effect plugin. The difference between them and a general midi effect plugins is that scripts executes from within Kontakt and therefor has more direct access to and finer control over instruments. Whats more, scripts are written in a programming language that is very easy to learn, so even people who've never done any programming can pick it up without too much effort.


  • The point being that with GigaStudio and VSL you have to use the Performance Tool. The same goes for Kontakt 1 and other sample formats except the Kontakt 2. The whole Horizon series has Kontakt 2 scripts that do what the Performance Tool used to do. That way you don't have to set up virtual midi cables, midi tracks in and out of the sequencer to the Performance Tool and such. You just double-click the program and everything is set. It's really quite liberating and I highly recommend using VSL Horizon products in Kontakt 2. There are a lot of people who have issues with Native Instruments and I've had my share too. The Kontakt 2 scripting is just extremely powerful, there's no doubt about that.