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  • My First track with VSL Opus 1+2

    Hello, i try to find a sound for strings (for melody)
    So, i have reprogrammed my strings exs files

    This is a music not really important. I have made it in 2 hours just to test my V1 and V2.
    Could you tell me not in music but in the sound what is wrong for you or how to do better ?

    Many Thank

    Thierry Ecuvillon

  • The music is nice. Soundwise I would add more reverb to it. Also the violin notes are too disconnected. Have you tried the legato instruments yet? You could also move the violin track a bit earlier to compensate for the slow attacks. The pizzicato strings repeate the same samples so it has the machine gun effect. Try the pizz 1+2 patches and make a Keyswitch to change the samples between the repeated notes to make it more natural. Try these at first and post a new version if you feel like it. [:)]

  • Nice soft feeling!
    I like the Piano sound, what is it?

    You really should try the Legato instruments. When you haven't much instruments, legato lines are quite important. Large orchestrations usually don't need legato instruments on every instrument (I'm currently working on a filmscore and haven't used leg instruments yet, but it's sounds realistic anyway).

    Nevertheless you could try the Violin_leg_p instrument for example.
    For the timpani have a look at the Timpani_crescendo instrument, they sound more realistic than manually played crescendos.

    But well done after all!


  • thank you for your answer
    the first version:

    the 2de:

    i have try the legato with Theshold at 122 ms and Legato Time at 110 ms. but the sound is very plate. I really not like it.

    I have remove the velocity of the track with my strings setting and remove the note lengt. it is not really legato but i like the mix of attack and crescendo.

    I have put a little reverb more just on v1,v2 and i have start this track 121 ms earlier.

    For the Pizz the pizz1+2 is not inside the opus bunddle .

    And for the timpani this is the timpani crescendo setting.

    The piano is "the grand 2" (steinberg)

    Thank a lot .

    Best regards,

    Thierry ecuvillon

  • You're right! There is only one pizz articulation. (I have Opus 1 as well!)
    But you could change between fast and slow pizz, as your piece is slow.

  • Could you please give me the adjustments correct for "the legato" ?