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  • KSP Scripts for Symphonic Cube?

    [[:|]]Has there been any movement yet on the plans to develop Kontakt 2 scripts that do the job of the performance tool? When they do happen, will we Giga version owners be able to buy the scripts?

  • /Dietz - Vienna Symphonic Library
  • I'm not sure whether this helps me or not? I was hoping for KSP scripts for all the performance instruments in the Pro Edition.

    Since the scripts you are talking about have only been made available to registered Kontakt 2 users I assume that they are for editions which were purchasable in Kontakt format to start with. I don't think the Pro Edition has ever been available for Kontakt has it?

    My problem is that I bought the library in Giga format a long time ago because it was on sale to students, before I could afford a machine to dedicate to it. So, as yet, I've never actually used it. I've finally got my machine and Gigastudio this month, but installing Gigastudio seems to be making the machine excessively unstable. So I'm hoping to run VSL by importing it into Kontakt 2, which I have been running on my sequencer machine for some time. But I would need scripts which do the job of the performance tool for all of the instruments in the pro edition performance set.

    If this is indeed what the other thread is talking about, how do I buy a side license for Kontakt? If, on the other hand, there are only scripts for Horizon series products, and the library that came with Kontakt 2, then this doesn't help me.

  • pingu, several hinderings ... the horizon products come with both formats (giga and exs) and you only need to download the programs (samples are taken from the exs version) and you can choose between files for kontakt 1.5.x or 2.x. in case you have the pro for giga, you would need the DVD set for exs additionally.

    even mapping for kontakt 1.5.x took a serious amount of time (for the relative little horizon libraries) - all importers or translators do not work properly because the instruments are very complex. adding the scripts in a second run also took quite some time.

    we don't have free ressources currently to do this for the 230 GB pro edition. i'd also doubt you will be happy finally, because you would also need several machines (kontakt-slaves) to load a satisfying number of instruments simultaneously for an arrangement with the pro.

    the vienna instruments would give you a better performance, advanced mapping and more intuitive workflow (IMO)


    and remember: only a CRAY can run an endless loop in just three seconds.