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  • Converting files from Pro Tools to Sonar?


    Does anyone know if it's possible to convert files originally created with other programs such Pro Tools, into Sonar files? If so, how would this be done? I have a demo recorded originally with Pro Tools and I would like to convert the files so I can rework the demo with VSL samples in Sonar. I might be able to go into a studio and convert the files to .wav or audio and import them that way but I wondered if there is another way to do it with Sonar. I'm using Sonar 5 Producers Edition. Thanks.

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  • You mean audio-files? Then just export them as *.wav-files and you'll be fine. The only thing to be aware of is that the files should either start at a dedicated, common "zero", so that they can easily get aligned again; if Sonar supports broadcast-wav-files, then you can also rely on the embedded timestamp of this file-format.

    If you don't have access to ProTools at the moment, you could get a tool like AWave Audio and convert the files offline. If they are SD2-format, you would have to know the sample-rate and the bit-depth, as this information is not available directly from this file-format.


    /Dietz - Vienna Symphonic Library
  • Dietz:

    Thanks for the reply. If I understand you correctly I can either:

    I: Use Pro Tools to export the files as .wav which I can then import into Sonar. This would require access to Pro Tools.

    Or I can:

    II: Use AWave(?) or a simlar program and this can convert the files to .wav on my computer even though the disks were recorded using Pro Tools.

    III. Since Sonar does support broadcast-wav so I should try to convert the files to this format because the time stamp will make it easier to align the audio tracks.

    All I need to do then is a bit of research regarding AWave and the like.

    If that's right then I'll get on it.

    Thanks again.

    Be Well,


  • -> ... the makers of AWave. Highly recommended utility.

    /Dietz - Vienna Symphonic Library