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  • Another Calculator flaw?

    Hi, I was asking the discount calcultator some options, and I found that, for example, in brass, I would not get a discount for having already bought Opus and let's say Performance set... I mean, I would get the discount ONLY if I buy the full VI set...

    But I'm sure there are already samples repeated in the standard VI brass and in Opus and/or Performance set, so there should be a discount...alas no sign of it was there for Opus and/or Performance set...

    Haven't tried other combinations since I'm getting a bit brainfried.

    Is this normal?

    Another question if I may [:)]: is the Complete Pro edition upgrade from Opus1 still availble? How much would it cost?
    And how much VAT are you applying? I own a Vat number so I could get a reduction on that as well if you could tell me how to use it (should I need 1st to contact Best Service?)

    And just the last one... Is it possible to buy only an extended VI version?

    Thank you in advance,


  • Ivan,

    I'm sure I can cover some of this for you:

    There are NO discounts on the Standard Edition. Only on the Extended Edition do you get your discounts. If you tick the Full Library version of Brass I you will see your discount applied.

    I'm sure the Opus 1 to Pro-Ed upgrade is still available but that is apparently a separate Discount Calculator which is currently offline - back soon I hear.

    And the last one...You can't just buy the Extended versions. Everyone, including VIPs, have to buy the Standard library first.


  • Mmmm...well I understand about not being able to buy the extended only, but not really about the repeated samples...

    Regarding using a Vat number, anyone know how this is done?



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    @Ivan P said:

    Regarding using a Vat number, anyone know how this is done?


    the upgrade option from Opus1 to the Complete Pro Edition is still valid.
    All orders are proceeded by the distributor of the respective region, including the orders you place in our webshop.
    Within Europe best service can deduct the VAT when you provide your international VAT #. You can contact best service directly for the VAT # or, when you place an order in our webshop, put the VAT # into the "comment" field and you'll be contacted.


  • Thks a lot, Sabine,