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  • Why is the Gigastudio format gone?

    Will someone please tell me why the Gigastudio format is being discontinued? Will this option ever be avalible in the future?

  • Hi,

    the Pro Edition and our Horizon Series products will be available for GigaStudio, look at the Symphonic Cube for Vienna Instruments as a new product line. It´s a symbiosis, one can´t work without the other.

    Best, Paul

    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Are there any plans for any new products for Gigastudio? I would like to have some additional articulations. The downloaded sounds are nice, but I could always use more.

    What about 24-bit instruments?

    At the present, I am not interested in the VSTi.

  • No plans for new products for GigaStudio so far, we concentrate on Vienna Instruments. You will like it

    Best, Paul

    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Hmm... does this mean that only half the saxophones will be available for Giga? That would be .. a little unfortunate!

  • Yes, and you will like it. You´ll play them and you´ll fall in love with Vienna Instruments, I have witnessed that with every single person that played it.

    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL