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  • Opus 1 - Disappointment over Holiday Sale pricing

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    Regarding the current sale prices, I read this in another thread on a different area of the forums, but wanted to address it in a new posting.

    @cm said:

    opus 1 has been available for a reduced price during the last months ($ 895), the original price (which is now displayed again) was $ 1,095 and this is taken as a basis for the 35% holiday discount.

    While I understand that Opus 1 has been at a reduced price for some time, I do have to state my displeasure with the sudden and completely unexpected reversion to the old price to coincide with the holiday sale. One does not generally raise (or in this case, revert) prices to counteract the effects of a sale, particularly on a product that will shortly, one would expect, be discontinued. After all, that defeats the entire purpose.

    I realize that the difference in price between the current sale price and the "expected" one of ~$582 is 'only' $130, but it's more the principle of the idea.

    I really hate being a whiner, but didn't want to just stay quiet on this one. As there is academic discount, I was banking on this sale to finally get Opus 1 at a price I could scrape together - now I'm not sure that'll happen, which is really disappointing.

    Even if the discounted price is not modified, I do hope that VSL sees the problem with this particular sale policy. If others have any thoughts, or feel I am being unreasonable in my stance on this, please share your opinions.