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  • New Trailer Piece

    Hey Guys! [[[:)]]]

    Here is a link to a cue that will be used in a trailer for a film that I'm scoring [[[:)]]]

    Thoughts?, What do you think of my Mix? (this is the main thing I'm trying to get right) [[[:)]]]

  • This isn't bad. We've heard all the elements before but I did enjoy the musical cue that started in around 2:00 till 2:20 (or so). I think that if you concentrated on this cue and really built upon it you'd have something a little more substantial. However, I completely understand that this being a game trailer, it has a need to be a far more lengthy piece than a film trailer and thus needs more themes worked throughout.

    Consider widening the stereo field slightly more (could also be the resolution of the file for internet transfer) for a bit more of an effect.

    Also, the Horner "Pelican Brief"/"Braveheart"/"I'm gonna blow this Shukuhachi again to really hit home the idea of tension and mystery" standby is getting a little overused.

    Good job on the overall feel. Perhaps a description of the trailer would help.

    Best "recent" (it was 6 or 7 years ago) trailer music that I've heard written specifically for the trailer was Hughes Hall's "Dark City" trailer - part electronic, part operatic, and all quite original.

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