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  • Witch Soprano Saxophone ?

    Hi everybody [[;)]]

    I've create my own perfect gigastudio package for orchestra.

    It contain VSL Brass (wonderfull epic horns, ternor sax, etc...)
    VSL percussions
    some of Dan Dean Woods (Clarinet, Contrabassoon ...)
    The Strings are from Sonic Implants because VSL is really agressive with its high strings. SI have lights and lovely strings.
    Piano is the White Grand.

    BUT !

    I can't find a good soprano saxophone.
    The VSL soprano sax is horrible (like the oboe)

    Is anyone know one ?

    Thank you very much for you help !
    An soon [[;)]]

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    @MisterBark said:

    Hi everybody [;)]

    I can't find a good soprano saxophone.
    Is anyone know one ?

    Yeah: my sister (coudln't resist)

    Everytime, I'll create a piece with a sampled saxophone part (any available package) , my sister (who is a professional, renowned saxophone player, alt, tenor, sopran) tells me it sounds like sh..t and it always ends up that she plays the part on the record (with a little sisterly force).We even record some dozen phrases, so that I can use them for looping etc.
    She had her own "silent stage" in the living room, where we can tape everything, a practice cabin which is perfect for recordings with literally no "room"

    So no recommendation from my part. Nothing beats a live played sax straight into the mix.

    Too old for Rock n Roll. Too young for 9th symphonies. Wagner Lover, IRCAM Alumni. Double Bass player starting in low Es. I am where noise is music.
  • Ok thanks for your pub, but of course, I search for GIGA BANKS.

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