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  • Powerhouse on Current AMD Video Cards

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    Hi all, I'm hoping we can all share our experiences here concerning Powerhouse on AMD cards.

    Currently VSL Powerhouse does not support the AMD RX 7x00 series cards. There is only support for the RX 5x00 and 6x00 series in Powerhouse.

    Those with working AMD cards please chime in.

    1. How many monitors are you running? Is there noticable powerhouse performance issues with the monitors you run?
    2. What version of the AMD driver are you using?
    3. Can you use it with just the minimal driver only install?

    GPU Audio already have support for AMD RX 7x00 waiting for VSL to adopt as stated by GPU Audio on discord. But for VSL to adopt it they have to deploy the new updated code from GPU Audio and include it in an update VEPro.

    The more interest there is in AMD the more likely VSL are to keep the promise of AMD card support current.

    I am hoping that VSL will enable the RX 7x00 series. The AMD cards are half the price of NVidia for almost the same ram and power and they have better latency for pro audio. It puzzles me why they haven't updated VEPro with the new code yet.

    One thing I have noticed is the driver that AMD apparently required GPU Audio to use, ie AMD Pro Driver Q4 2023, is problematic on my newer 12900k system. Causing erratic behaviour. As soon as I changed it for the latest driver only version my pc behaved way better. Lets hope this proviso is relaxed by AMD and GPU Audio can or have already developed for the latest drivers.