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  • How to use Vienna ensemble (vst3) plugin

    The intention is also to use this Vienna Ensemble (vst3) plugin
    How can I use this plugin to choose midi ports ?
    Midi port 1 is used by default with 16 midichannels.

  • Choose the MIDI port here:

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    Thanks, I have loaded the plugin into my composer Synfire and can then have on port 1 ,16 midi channels in one instance.
    Now I would like to have all VSL synchron samplers in one mixer (I don't think this is possible because of the separate midi ports in the different instances).
    I have the synchron smart orchestra and epic orchestra2.0 and the free sounds
    The number of instruments is more than 16
    I can select a midiport on the sychron sampler player with an instrument, but midiport 2 cannot be on the instance of midiport 1 in my opinion.

  • I think ifor my composer synfire pro its only one midipoort and 16 midi channels for this Vienne ensemble pro ( not server) (vst3) plugin to get
    I switch back to Vienna ensemble pro server for more nmidiports