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  • VEP 6 & VEP 7 running together?

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    Is it possible to run VEP 6 & 7 as the same time? Reason being, I have 3 macs running VEP 6 using 3 eLicensors and they connect to my main mac pro which runs the DAW (Cubase Pro 12). I have just updated to VEP 7 but only have the one license and not enough iLok keys for the other 3 macs so my idea was to run VEP 6 servers on the 3 slave macs with the VEP 6 plug in my DAW AND also run VEP 7 on the DAW mac as an additional server. So is there a way of doing this for the short term ? I know in order to install VEP 7 the installer won't run until you uninstall the previous version but it seems a wasted oppertunity for those like me who are sort of stuck.

    Hope the above is clear,



  • No, not posible

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  • @Bill said:

    No, not posible

    Hi Bill,

    Thanks for your reply. That's a shame ;-(