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  • VEP Version Confusion

    I've been running VEP 7.0.1056 very smoothly for years on my master Catalina MacPro and slave Windows 10 PC. Now I'm updating the Mac to Ventura and updating plugins accordingly. The latest version of VEP I see on my VSL profile is 7.0.1120 but I thought I saw a higher version mentioned on this forum. Also, when I go to my PC and click Menu>Check For Updates within VEP 7.0.1056, it says my software is up to date....despite the availbilty of 7.0.1120 online.

    I think I can install 7.0.1056 on the updated Mac but I'd rather run the latest stable VEP versions compatible with both machines.

    What am I missing here?

  • What am I missing here?

    Have you converted to iLok? The newer version are only available once you do that.

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  • Ahhh....yes I see now

    Thank you!